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Recommended Flies For The Outer Hebrides

The following fly patterns in sizes 8, 10 & 12 have proven to be effective on a variety of lochs, rivers and sea pools throughout the Outer Hebrides.

salmon/sea trout patterns

A two-fly cast is commonly used throughout the Outer Hebrides whilst fishing lochs or slow-moving pools for salmon/sea trout, with a bushy fly such as Claret Bumble, Clan Chief, Kate Maclaren, or a Muddler on the dropper and a more streamlined tail fly such as a Silver Stoat, Hairy Mary, or Cascade on the point.

brown trout patterns

Several flies from the salmon/sea trout list are also successful brown trout patterns: Claret Bumble Muddler; Kate Maclaren Muddler; Clan Chief; Blue Zulu; Bibio and Loch Ordie. Those plus the following should cover all eventualities…

Local angler and impeccable fly tyer, John Maclean, can advise and supply visiting anglers with any flies they require. You can see his flies and contact him via Facebook: John Maclean Flies The majority of fly images on this page were produced by John.