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Gress River

Gress River is a small spate river situated on the northeast coast of the Isle of Lewis, historically a salmon river, over recent years the numbers of salmon have fallen off and it has become more of a sea trout fishery with good numbers caught, up to 4lb, every year. However, we believe there are bigger ones to be had!

As a spate river we are very dependent on rainfall during the season, a dry summer and the fish can be trapped in the salting’s, a deep slow-moving section of the river just before it empties into the sea, where they quickly become stale. That said, the salting’s are always worth a try when there is a breeze, whatever the river height.

However, when we do get water there is sport to be had anywhere on the seven miles of river with a possibility of both sea trout and the occasional salmon. Brown trout are very plentiful and seem to be getting bigger, with fish of 2 to 3lb being caught every year, the average being closer to 1/2 lb.

The “Gorge Pools”, which run from about half a mile above the sea for about 1.5 miles, can be one of the most productive areas in the river system.  These are a series of man-made pools which, if there is water, are scenic and well worth fishing.

Above this set of pools the river has generally only natural pools and runs through some very rough trackless moorland, however, if you are fit enough to tackle it then give it a go. When the water does come, then many fish will run straight through, and it is in these areas that the adventurous angler may find some good fishing.

We would remind everyone that we are a Category 3 salmon river and as a result ALL salmon must be returned to the river unharmed.  We also, as a club, strongly encourage catch and release of sea trout.

Gress River is managed by a local club, any of whose members will be happy to give advice to any visiting anglers they encounter.

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