Obbe Fishery

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Obbe Fishery

The Obbe Fishery is situated in and around the village of Leverburgh in South Harris. The system consists of the Estuary Sea Loch, known as the Obbe and a further four Freshwater Lochs:

The Millpool, which is where the migratory fish first enter the freshwater system from the Obbe Estuary.

Loch Steisabhat is the next freshwater loch which contains some of the smaller Brown Trout present in the system (3/4 lb) as well as Salmon and Sea Trout when they are “running”.

Loch Moracha, is connected to Loch Steisabhat via a short, flowing “River” known as the “Gangees” and holds Salmon and Sea Trout throughout the migratory season. Brown Trout are also present throughout the season.

Loch Langabhat is the final and also the largest Loch of the Obbe system and also holds Salmon and Sea Trout throughout the migratory season. For the more specialist angler Langabhat is also home throughout the year to Ferrox Trout and Arctic Char.

Whilst casting your fly in this area of outstanding natural beauty and peaceful seclusion, the angler is very likely to encounter the splendour of the indigenous wildlife whose surroundings you will be sharing. The two species of Eagles (Golden and White-Tailed Sea) are often witnessed soaring the thermals in search of prey. Also commonly encountered are the sounds and sights of the resident breeding Red Throated Divers, Curlew, Greenshank and Golden Plovers and our “Fellow Angler” the Otter can occasionally “lift their head”!

The Obbe Fishery Management Team wish you “Tight Lines” and the enjoyment of the unique “Hebridean Experience” whilst fishing the Obbe system.


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Mob: Donnie Macdonald (Proprietor) on 07880 502 605

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